We have 11 instructors holding BAB coaching qualifications.  All instructors teaching junior classes are also DBS cleared.


   Matt Houlton 5th Dan

   Rob Milliner 4th Dan

   Yann Golanski 3rd Dan

   Andy Coggon 3rd Dan

   Elaine Batchelor 2nd Dan

   John Eborall 2nd Dan

   Mark Hutchinson 2nd Dan

   Rob Stephenson 2nd Dan

   Robin Ashwin 2nd Dan

   Vicentiu Adrei Pitic 1st Dan

   GeorgeTattersall 1st Kyu




Over the years, the club has trained many yudansha (first degree black belt and above) many of whom have gone on to form their own clubs.  We currently have 15 Yudansha training regularly.