York Shodokan Aikido

Established in 1990, York Shodokan Aikido is a sport Aikido club offering Adult, University and Juniors training, up to 3 days per week. From as little as £2.00 per session, York Shodokan Aikido is one of the best value martial arts clubs in the area.

We have many black belt members ranging from 1st to 5th Dan, with many qualified as instructors. Beginners are always welcome so please come along to one of our sessions to see what we do, or better still bring some comfortable clothes and a bottle of water and have a go.


What is Aikido?

Aikido is a non-violent martial art which uses the opponent's aggression against them to finish the fight quickly and with minimal harm to the opponent. Techniques used to subdue the attacker involve arm or wrist locks, and throws. It is suitable for people of all ages from 8+ and all sizes as it does not rely on strength.

The York Aikido club practices a style of Aikido called Shodokan Aikido, which is a style of Aikido created by Professor Kenji Tomiki. It differs from traditional styles of Aikido in that Shodokan introduces a competitive element, hence is sometimes referred to as Sport Aikido.

What will I get from practicing Aikido?


junior aikido martial art club


Our Juniors club is open to all from the age of 8 to 17. Only established in 2015 we already have the largest Shodokan Aikido Juniors club in the UK and have graded a number of juniors to Young Adult first Dan black belt. A great achievement.

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We have an expanding student membership covering York University and York St. John University and we welcome students from the other colleges and higher-education establishments in the area. 

aikido adults club martial art club


The Adult club is open to all from the age of 14 ( juniors will require parental permission to attend the Adult sessions ).  We have 7 local instructors, some who have been members of the club for over 20 years.